Save Your Data After a Nasty Spill

We'll handle your computer repair in Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC

You use your computer for everything: work, budgeting and personal entertainment - the list goes on. So when something goes wrong, you need help fast. Joe's PC Repairs opened its doors in 2010 to help people like you fix their computers with ease. Whether you dropped your laptop, or it's acting up on its own, we'll take care of your computer repair as quickly as possible.

Schedule computer repair service with us by calling 843-432-7596 now.

When should you come to us for service?

Handling computer repairs on your own is never a good idea. Without the proper tools and training, you could create more serious problems and potentially lose your data.

You should reach out to Joe's PC Repairs if...


You spilled water on your laptop.


Your hardware is out of date.


Your computer keeps crashing.

Whether you have a Mac or PC, repair services are easy with our technicians by your side. Plus, we offer free pickup and drop-off services within a 25-mile radius of our shop. Contact us today to set up your laptop repair or desktop computer repair service.

Build a custom computer

Everyone is looking for something different when they buy a new computer. So shouldn't you invest in something that's customized to fit your needs? Work with a custom computer builder to design and build your own PC. You can choose everything from your graphics card to the light colors inside your system.