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Get laptop repair services in Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC

Having a computer you can take with you is convenient, but it creates a much greater risk of damage. If you need laptop repair services, turn to the experts at Joe's PC Repairs in Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC. We handle everything from laptop screen repairs to RAM upgrades. Our technicians are fully trained to work with Apple and Windows computers.

Reach out to us today to learn more about all of our laptop screen repair services.

Let us take care of your repair

Let us take care of your repair

Dealing with computer damage is never ideal. Luckily, we offer laptop repair services for...

  • Screens. From dead pixels to major cracks, we handle it all.
  • Keyboards. We can replace damaged keys or swap out your whole keyboard.
  • Power adapters. We'll restore or replace your power adapter.
  • Hardware. After running some diagnostics, we'll get to the bottom of the issue.

We can also improve your laptop's performance with RAM and hard drive upgrades, operating system updates and solid-state drive upgrades.